Total Round3’000’000 €
Target # of Investors3 – 5
Type of InvestmentConvertible Note
Cap9’000’000 €
Lead1.25M, committed, Chairman of German hidden champion
Target Investor StructureCovering crucial aspects of the business, experience in:
– Hardware Development, Safety & Certification (Covered by Lead)
– Marketing / Brand Building
– Care Market
– Luxury Market
– SaaS Scaling (Infrastructure)
– Consumer Hardware Products
– Manufacturing Plant Buildup
– Politics w. Focus on Care Sector / Innovation

Business Angel Persona

Investment HypothesisPatient, looks for longterm impact, active – more than just money
Investment Search FieldsHardware, Robotics, DeepTech, AgeTech, MedTech, Healthcare, Luxury, Physical Consumer Goods
Participation– Access to personal network & experience
– Evangelize us in the personal network
– Invest on avg. 3 – 5h per month
– Pick up the phone when we call
Ticket Size– 1.5M€ split in 250 – 750k€ tickets
– 5 x 50k€ pooled under lead investor (1 committed)
GeographyD, CH, FR, EU, US, …
Private InterestsSciFi, Luxury, Tech, Longevity, Care, AgeTech
Previous Investment FieldsVR, AR, Robotics, 5G, Hardware, Luxury, Cars, Crypto
Follow-On in Future Rounds2x Ticket Size would be great
Business ExperienceWe’re looking for Angels with crucial experience in Business, this could e.g. be:
– Built company 0 – 100+ pax
– Scaled company 100 – 1000
– Led more than 1000 people
– Built & scaled a hardware product
– Built & scaled a healthcare product
– Certified & brought to market a physical consumer health product
– Built a plant for mechatronic products
– Built a viral product
– Raised 100m+€
– IPO’d or SPAC’d a company
– Direct access to 10+ clients or multipliers
– Direct access to 3+ strategic partners (payers, politics, manufacturing)
– Built a complex tech stack
– Lead B2C sales team to >10m€ annual revenue
– Won a nasty legal war
– Social Media Reach of 1M+ users

In Detail

What we look for

We have shown operative excellence and resilience – creating improbable results with limited resources – but going ahead, we need network, experience and a lot of resources to execute on our bold plans. That’s why we’re looking for exceptional business angels who want to scale the robody® technology with us. 

The business super angels to grow the largest global robotics company with us, eventually improving the lives of billions, therefore need to:

  • Jump fully into this opportunity. This won’t be just a side hustle. We want to occupy their minds – because of the importance and once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity we are convinced this is, we need their focus. (We understand, everyone is busy, we don’t want them to hold our hands, but to be the first thing they think about in the morning, and the last before going to bed – to get those critical ideas and insights.)
  • Come with us to the trenches – we’re not interested in textbook advice, we’ve read the books, but situation aware operative knowhow and foresight.
  • Think along with us. We plan on doing something hard, we know our limits, so we’re ready to listen to and learn from those who’ve accomplished exceptional things before.
  • Bring along their network. We need all those exceptional talents they’ve met during the last decades.
  • Subscribe to our vision and become a beacon for our technology in their circles, pulling in everyone they talk to about it. 
  • Be hungry and ambitious – seeing the freedom previous successes created as a necessary stepping stone to invest in us. 
  • Have skin in the game – and invest a non-trivial amount. 

What they’ll get out of this

  • Global impact beyond just financial gains
  • Been part of a business that openly changes lives
  • Been part of a revolution before everyone knew it would be one
  • Co-formed a brand that will be known for centuries to come
  • A defendable, scalable investment based on clear customer needs and excellent ROI

What we’ll do together

  • Build a small series of bespoke luxury robots within 2 years of ordering, to explore the technology in relevant environments – these robots are acquired partially as a status symbol and partially as a charitable effort to help us solve the bigger problem:
  • Build and scale teleoperated robotic bodies to be used in home care contexts as a 24/7h available help, bringing peace of mind to relatives that their loved ones are in good hands, connecting the elderlies to the (digital) world, reducing their isolation, making their lives simpler and more active – allowing them to age at home longer. 


  • field: deep tech robotics, Munich based 
  • technology: robodies – remote robotic bodies – like Zoom but tangible 
  • prior: 8 years of research, successfully sold robots to labs & paid pilots with corporates
  • now: commercialising at scale with entry through premium elderly care
  • status: bootstrapped PoC working, preparing for a pilot with Charité Berlin
  • roadmap: 10 pilots by 2024, 100 active customers by 2026, care insurance coverage by 2028
  • looking to complete our team & board with business angels that fit the criteria in the table below.
  • aspiration: make robody® a common name, like post-it, zoom or jeep. 
  • execution: we have a plan, excellent unit economics and a robust, resilient path to fast (for a hardware company) returns, growth and scalability. 
  • product vision: bring peace of mind to the aging and their relatives through 24/7h care with robodies