GITEX 2021

17.10.2021 – 21.10.2021, Dubai, UAE

So you’ve seen the robody at GITEX, and now you want to experience controlling it yourself? Here’s your chance! Register for a slot, be there on time, and be among the very few people on the planet that have been inside a robody.


Maldives – Munich scavenger hunt

8000km from Malé on the Maldives to Munich, Germany – 9 young students and the CCO of Maldives’ largest Telco Ooredoo not only learnt how to control a robody across half the planet in minutes, but then had to immediately proof their newfound skill: Because suddenly, an accident in our lab needed instant help! Did our 10 times victim and CEO Rafael got saved every time? See for yourself!



rETHinking Obstacles: Telepresence and Bridges to the Future

Thriving in the face of significant adversity and overcoming obstacles is a unique human ability. Engineering embodies the resilience and inventiveness of the human spirit. It is this spirit that is, perhaps, best represented by the iconic bridges and viaducts of Switzerland. These soaring structures bridge gaps and make new connections – making the improbable possible. Join us and together we connect the dots from Zurich to Berlin, from engineering to society, and from the present to the future. “Roboy 3.0” will create a special and real-​time connection to Lora Koycheva, anthropologist from Munich. This symposium brings together a panel of unique perspectives – an anthropologist, a roboticist, and a scientist who will showcase how embodied telepresence robotics is already building exciting, unexpected, and unanticipated bridges.

Watch the full podium.